Medicorp Healthcare is a Corporate Healthcare Partner in Singapore. As part of our corporate healthcare framework, we recognised that rising cost of healthcare is a major concern for employees and members.

Lifelong medical bills for chronic illnesses like hypertension and diabetes can be a financial burden.  Dental treatments like dental implant and ortho braces and clear aligners can cost up to $4,000 to $10,000 and these bills are not fully covered by corporate insurance.

At Medicorp Healthcare, we seek to serve and support our Corporate Members by providing accessible and affordable healthcare and lifestyle benefits and services through a network of health and merchant partners.

With Medicorp Healthcare, your employees and members will enjoy more health and lifestyle benefits and more savings!

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In a business world of increasing competition and decreasing profits, sometimes you need a new perspective and find new avenue for more revenue.

At Medicorp Healthcare, we recognised the 4 critical challenges that most business owners are facing:

  • The need for new customers (and retaining existing ones).
  • The need to manage escalating operating costs – rental, payroll, taxes
  • The need to manage the high cost of goods
  • The need to fight stiff competition

With Medicorp Healthcare, we support our Corporate Partners in growing their business by connecting them to a network of Corporate Members.

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